Play Games and Earn Rewards

I found a site where you earn real Steam games. Yes, it’s real! I was surprised myself. It’s called Tremor Games, and you can play certain achievement games, refer new members, and complete offers to earn points on the site, which you can use to buy Steam games. It costs a lot of points, but you can also get Steam Wallet codes if the game you want isn’t in stock. So far I’ve earned slightly under 2000 points and gotten the games Always Sometimes Monsters, Unholy Heights, and Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos. If you like Steam, give Tremor Games a try.

About Megan Lee

Megan Lee, 26-year-old asexual eclectic pagan with an appreciation for Buddhism and Shinto. Japan is my spiritual homeland. Reader and writer. K-Pop fan. Weeb. Asami Ryuichi is my husbando. Schneizel is my onii-sama. My love of visual novels will bankrupt me.

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