Soyumi – Shake Me Up

Soyumi was a member of the group Kiss&Cry until their shitty agency disbanded them less than a year after they debuted with their amazing single Domino Game. Now Soyumi is back as a solo artist. I liked all the Kiss&Cry members, but Soyumi wasn’t my bias (*tears* Haena and Bohye). I support her (and Dia) though, and I’m always looking for good new music so of course I watched the video. I’ve never liked trot before, but this is so cute and so much fun.

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Megan Lee, 26-year-old asexual eclectic pagan with an appreciation for Buddhism and Shinto. Japan is my spiritual homeland. Reader and writer. K-Pop fan. Weeb. Asami Ryuichi is my husbando. Schneizel is my onii-sama. My love of visual novels will bankrupt me.

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