Anime – There will be a ton of great anime in 2017, like there is every year. In particular I’m looking forward to Ao no Exorcist’s new series and Code Geass. There are three Code Geass compilation movies coming out, the last Code Geass event DVD, and presumably the new Code Geass will be released sometime next year as well! It’s been 10 years since it originally aired and I fell in love with it, so I am so hyped for Lelouch of the Resurrection. I recently bought the first season on blu-ray, and convinced my mother to watch it with me. It’s her first time seriously watching an anime, and I can tell she’s lukewarm about it at best, but she’s agreed to continue it for now, so I hope CG wins her over! Music – I’m looking forward to all the new k-pop that will be released in 2017! AOA is having a comeback soon, and many other groups will have comebacks next year as well. Viewfinder – The Finder no Souen novel comes out next month and the main Finder series, which has been on hiatus since the last volume came out in Japan, will be re-starting soon. Finder no Souen explores the backstory of my husbando Asami Ryuichi, which is something I’ve wanted to know more about since the beginning. Games – I’m looking forward to all the games that will be released in 2017 (especially JRPG’s and visual novels), and all the new content Jacksepticeye and Markiplier will come out with. I’m hoping Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force gets released on Steam.
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Also known as, help I don’t know what I’m doing! So, I’m once again attempting NaNoWriMo. I’m already way ahead of where I was last year, and indeed, I’ve broken my own NaNoWriMo record. I’m at 3800 words so far! Pathetic, right? But really, this is a big deal for me. This is as far as I’ve ever gotten in NaNoWriMo before, and more than I’ve written in years. I used to write all the time. Literally, all the time. Instead of paying attention in school, I was writing. Lunch break – writing. At home – yeah, I was writing when I wasn’t pissing around on the internet. I wrote constantly. And I wasn’t too bad at it. I wasn’t a master at my craft, I was a kid. But I was decent, and if I’d kept at it, I would probably be really good now. That’s what makes writing so hard for me. I know where I could be, and I’m embarrassed at where I am. There was a lot of reasons why I stopped writing regularly, and the biggest is my depression. I stopped writing around the time things started getting really bad, to the point where writing wasn’t an escape anymore. Then there was a big period of upheaval and uncertainty in my life, all when I was still a kid, which all contributed to a Berlin Wall of a writers block. I’ve made a few tries to get past it, but I’ve been shot down every time. And I haven’t been able to tear it down yet. I’ve also found new distractions from life like anime, and mindless web-browsing, so I don’t have as much free time. Of course I still have the time, I just fill it with other things that require less focus. If I don’t actually force myself to write, I won’t do it. I’m so intimidated by my past self that I can’t just grab a pen and paper and let my thoughts flow out like I used to. It’s why I barely ever blog. I feel worthless. One thing that’s helped me this NaNoWriMo is blacking out my text. My whole Open Office file looks like one big redaction. I know I make a ton of mistakes since I can’t see what I’m writing, but that isn’t the point of NaNoWriMo. It also helps me turn off my inner editor and critic, because I can’t see what I’m writing. All I see is a black line getting bigger and bigger, and that makes things so much easier. I really am going to try to make it to 50,000 words. I probably won’t make it, but if I really want to start writing again (and I really do) I need this. I’ll worry about what’s underneath all those black lines later.
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