Ahhhh Harllllleey!!! Did you see my girl? Did you see that? I saw the Batman v Superman trailer too, but who cares, because look at Harley over here!
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People have been going crazy over the new Suicide Squad pics. Reactions have been mixed, and my own feelings are mixed as well. My eyes immediately went towards my girl Harley, and then to Katana, both of whom I was very happy to see. Suicide Squad has a big cast, but I’m still glad to see so many girls on the team. We still have a long way to go before the movie is released, so I’m doing my best not to form any strong opinions until I actually see the movie. Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters, and I’m very protective of her. Margot Robbie is beautiful and an incredible actress, and I know even if the movie is horrible it won’t be because of her. In these images Harley’s looking more patriotic than Harlequin. She’s had had so many different looks in the comics and animations, this one is hardly the worst. Though I am loath to link to The Daily Fail, they have some of the best Suicide Squad set pics, including a lot of full body Harley Quinn.
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