Domain was registered October 2014 and has had a number of registrars over the years. I transfer it wherever is the cheapest at the time. My websites are currently hosted by A Small Orange, which I highly recommend.


The Newbies Guide to Subeta
Reigns: Her Majesty Tips & Endings
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This is the site your are on now. It is my former blog, and my main domain.

among the stars
Among the Stars is my fanlisting collective. I’ve been a member of TFL since 2005. Right now I have just under 100 fanlistings.

Madder Sky is my anime fanlisting collective. I have been creating anime fanlistings since about 2008. I have under 80 anime fanlistings. houses my many Code Geass fanlistings. is my Schneizel el Britannia fanlisting and shrine.