Reigns: Her Majesty Tips/Endings
Posted on January 9, 2018

reigns: her majesty endings deathReigns: Her Majesty is a new game by the same people who made the original Reigns. This time you play as a queen while trying to balance out all your peoples expectations. Reigns: Her Majesty is available on Steam, Google Play, and the iTunes App Store. Here are some tips (and spoilers) for the game. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just things I’ve discovered while playing the game.

Reigns: Her Majesty Tips

  • Pay attention to your astrological sign.
  • You can use the perfume on potential lovers.
  • After getting the lethal pistol you will no longer be able to stop the king from locking you up if your army gets too strong.
  • Be sure when you want to kill the king because the game gets a lot harder.
  • Don’t complete the game if there’s other cards/deeds/achievements you want in the playthrough, because you have to start over.

    Reigns: Her Majesty Deaths/Bad Ends

  • Max out your money or go bankrupt
  • Max out your military or lose your army
  • Become too loved by the people or too hated
  • Lose to the church or fail the sainthood test
  • Fail the coronation twice
  • Let the doctor study plants
  • Get pregnant before finding the doctor and die during childbirth
  • Be poisoned by sharing a drink with the Isle Queen/assassin
  • Lose a duel
  • Play pranks with the pirate
  • Get trapped in the miror
  • Keep showing your spellbook to the witch
  • Max out your relationship with the church, show your spellbook to them, and then try to destroy it
  • Die during an eclipse
  • Get the plague and keep refusing treatment
  • Drown during duel with the pirate
  • Reach 41 years as queen and die naturally
  • After killing the king max out your military or lose your military
  • After killing the king bankrupt your kingdom or get too rich
  • After killing the king be too loved by your people or too hated
  • After killing the king max out your relationship with the church then reject the acolyte
  • After killing the king lose to the church
  • After killing the king reign into old age and die naturally

    Reigns: Her Majesty – How to Survive

  • To survive the sainthood test show the chicken bone to the Cardinal (only twice per reign).
  • To survive the king trying to lock you up use the pistol on him (only once per reign).
  • To survive losing your army duel and befriend the Isle Queen/the assassin (only once per reign).
  • To survive the church attacking you use the perfume on the Cardinal (only works once per reign).
  • To survive your peoples revolt use the perfume on a peasant (use only once per reign), or let the doctor build the center for philosophy.
  • To win the duel against the Isle Queen/assassin fire on the “beginnings” card.
  • To survive more than 41 years use the pistol on the king.
  • To kill the king trade your pistol with the pirate for the lethal pistol, or wait for him to randomly die during a hunting accident.

    Reigns: Her Majesty – Royal Deeds

  • To meet the witch go the the Cardinal’s witchcraft trials and rule that she is innocent.
  • To get four lovers at once repeatedly use the perfume on the lady in waiting and tell her about your affairs. You must have at least four characters to declare.
  • Investigate the snake society and accuse your chamberlain of being a member.
  • Use your spellbook on animals to communicate with them.
  • To start an eclipse go to the maze and go in whatever direction the sun/shadow is until you get to the monument, then use your clock.
  • To change your zodiac go to the maze and use your clock on the zodiac symbol you want.
  • Let the merchant fix the mechanical owl to get the duel room.
  • After talking to the cat tell the hunter to bring you a live fox, and follow it in the age of cancer meet the Lady of the Wood.
  • To fight the Isle Queen/assassin accuse her of trying to poison you then use the pistol on her.
  • Buy a riverboat in the age of sagittarius and fight the pirate. To win against her fire when the card says “no glory”.
  • Complete YASSSS KWEEEEN! Learn to code! to get the title The Empowered.
  • Die happy to get The Fulfilled title.

    Reigns: Her Majesty – Items

  • To get the perfume do your coronation.
  • To get the chicken bone let the hunter go slay a rare beast.
  • To get the spellbook die three times.
  • To get the red spellbook have a coronation ball and give the spellbook to the acolyte.
  • To get the pistol send the explorer to the north, where he’ll get the barbarian. You can fight the barbarian for a dueling tutorial.
  • To get the clock build and explore the tower to meet the doctor.
  • To get the saint’s bone pass the sainthood test.
  • To get the mirror wait for the merchant to give you one.
  • To get the celestial spellbook fight your inner darkness by using the pistol on the mirror. Win by firing when the All Mother says to follow the sun.
  • To get the destiny clock have the merchant fix the clock you got from the doctor.
  • To get the usb drive let the witch bury diaries from your court. When it is eventually dug up you will get the drive.
  • To get the destiny card use the clock on your zodiac sign in the maze.
  • To get the sacred tablet start an eclipse and give the saint’s bone to the witch.
  • To get the lethal pistol have a boy and tell the pirate you would rule if the king died.
  • To get the gun emoji kill the king and wait for the witch to ask to ask you to drag your pistol to her. You must complete this on your first kill, because the witch won’t show up again after that.

    Reigns: Her Majesty Endings

  • For all endings you must first summon an eclipse and first give her the celestial spellbook.
  • To get ending n°1 give the All Mother the crown.
  • To get ending n°2 when the All Mother says not the fight her use the emoji gun and then any other item except the tablet.
  • To get ending n°3 give the All Mother the emoji gun, sacred tablet, destiny card, usb drive, and then the emoji gun again.
    zodiac YASSSS KWEEEEN celestial spellbook

    YASSSS KWEEEEN! Learn to code!

    One of the Royal Deeds in the game is “YASSSS KWEEEEN! Learn to code!” It’s also the most mysterious. Learn to code can mean several different things – learn the servants code, website code, or game code. I went for the website first, as that’s what I’m most familiar with. In the ending one of the things mentioned is “When reviewing our app, focus on the fun. Implicating Synaptic Insight Technology Systems may place you at risk of legal repercussions.” Searching for Synaptic Insight Technology Systems leads you to their website (I didn’t find anything on their official site). Searching through the code there’s nothing that really sticks out, it’s a pretty simple website. However, in the code for the form there’s a class that says “help-block text-danger“. I opened up the javascript file for the form and in it says: $(‘#success > .alert-danger’).append($(“”).text(“ILUB JBEA MU E CKUB QIIA XEB”));. ILUB JBEA MU E CKUB QIIA XEB seems to be in the lady in waitings secret code. To translate a sentence to their secret language you move vowels forward, and consonants back. So to translate a coded sentence you have to move vowels back and consonants forward. Translating it comes out to EMOC KCAU NO A DLOC REEU YAC. The dog you can speak to in the game also brings you a note that reads SRIUMO MO BOSOEMXR RSGFORMO which is TSEONI NI CITIANYS STHGISNI. Reading both backwards provides a semi-coherent sentence. COME AUCK ON A COLD UEER YAC and INOEST IN SYNAITIC INSIGHTS. What to do with this information, I don’t know.


    Reigns: Her Majesty Dialogue Spoilers

    Here are some dialogue options you may have missed. Not all answers can be broken down into simple yes’s or no’s, but I’ve listed them as such to make it easier for me to list them. These are not in order.

  • You live on as a spirit inside the mirror, haunting the future Queens who inherit it.
  • A letter from your son arrived, Your Highness! His training is going well, and he wants you to send him sword money. – Not while he only writes when he wants something! Hmph!-
  • We’ve gotten a letter from your daughter! She wants to know if you can send her money for sweets. – She can’t just write when she wants something!
  • Your Highness, a poor supplicant is here, asking for an audience with the Queen. Yes Send him in No I’m nappingThe sun has been gone for days now! Are you waiting for the All-Mother? Then let me send you to her! – Yes What… No What…
  • My prayers go unanswered. We are truly lost! Look out the window, my Queen, the people are in a fever! – Yes What… No What…
  • The strong obey the weak, wild beasts roam, and we are helpless! This eclipse… your kingdom has truly fallen! – Yes What… No What…
  • he church is collapsing in the chaos of the eclipse! There is no safe place for the royal family, either! – Yes What… No What…
  • The economy has collapsed amid this darkness! Even royal gold is worthless. Ha ha ha HA! We’re completely free! – Yes What… No What…
  • Looters have stolen everything from me in the dark! My Queen, please give me… oh! Wait, your treasury is empty too! – Yes What… No What…
  • Mama, can my friends and I borrow the guillotine? We’re having a party. It’s just for decoration! –
    Yes Be careful No It’s not a toy!
  • Mama, that girl in the flower crown, is she from a music festival? How awful! Why’s she here? Yes – She’s my friend
    No Don’t know
  • Our daughter is asking for money to go try a music career. Wouldn’t it be good for all of us if she went… somewhere? – You soon hear she is writing lute music under the pseudonym ‘Royale’
  • Your little songbird must stay by Mama’s side!
  • Must I marry at sixteen like some commoner? Mama, what’s more important for me while I am young and beautiful? – Yes Education No A good marriage
  • Of course I care about poor people. So let us give away a fun party dress to each family! Can we, Mama?
  • We received a letter from your daughter’s fine school in the city! I wonder if she’s grown beautiful? – Yes Of course No That’s not important
  • “Your daughter is a delightfully challenging girl,” it says
  • What a surprise! Your daughter the princess has come home! She asks if her honored mother the Queen has time to visit. – You did the labor to create her, wasn’t that enough?
  • It’s all right to close your eyes, Your Majesty. You can be very proud of your exceptionally long life! – Yes What… No What… If we sold some of the artifacts in the Hall of Wonder, it could save the economy. Such wealth, hidden away all this time!
  • It’s an honor to be properly introduced, my Queen! Your loveliness outshines even the legends. – Yes Why thank you No Silence, lackey!
  • I’m not sure why I suddenly thought of this, but… do you think the King and I could be… more than friends? – Yes None of my business No That’s my husband! Not what you were expecting from [priestess]’s rite, but hey, let them live!
  • The Eastern delegation ended their visit early?! But why did you ask them to leave? – Yes They scared my maid No Insulted me
  • I understand, but be careful about the messages we send! You mustn’t appear sensitive. – Yes Okay No Sensitive?!
  • Fresh gossip! One of our dukes was caught naked in a barrel of wine in the East! And the King paid to cover it up!! – Yes That’s wild No I paid!You never tell your ladies about your role in the scandal or The ladies are delighted to learn of your role in the scandal.
  • A letter from your son’s boarding school! Ooh, let us take a guess what the prince is doing best at! – Yes Combat! No Literature!
  • The young prince gallantly reminds us every day he is the King’s son, the teacher writes
  • Wonderful news, my lady! Your son the prince has returned to the palace! He asks if you have time for a visit. – It’s probably best he starts learning to be independent.
  • Shall I teach them herbal medicine? – Yes You can try No Seriously
  • The Cardinal and the King don’t seem to like each other.
  • The royal librarian is sick with plague! How will you get your next twenty history books? – Yes You bring them! No Ha ha ha
  • My lady, forgive me… to my great shame I am ill, and cannot take you riding. – Yes It’s okay No Loser!
  • I’m so sick… I’m afraid we won’t be able to try for a baby for a long time… – Oh, no No Woooo! You whooped loudly, but luckily no one heard.
  • You hesitate to draw your pistol, and [pirate] shoves you into the river! You drown in a swirl of summer veils and gold gleams.
  • Mama! You are looking so sweet. I told all my friends: Have hope, you can look well while old, just look at my Mama. – Yes Oh sweetheart No You brat!
  • This is awkward, but… my nephew was accidentally guillotined at your daughter’s party. Did you know about this? – Yes Kids will be kids No How horrible!
  • My huntsman canceled our trip because he’s having an affair with some woman! Can you believe it? – Yes So rude No What?
  • With the King paying more attention, your fling with [hunter] comes to an end.
  • My huntsman told me something terrible! He said you told him to kill me, so that he could rule with you?? – Yes I did not! No Joking!
  • You told the foreign woman that you supported hearth-sharing?! You may not say such things. – YesForgive me No I just did
  • Ah, my heart… although I am your husband’s man, I cannot help myself from your charms! Do you feel the same?
  • Do I catch the whiff of love on you, my Queen? Should I next explore… your heart?
  • We come from such different worlds… I never learned to resist charms like yours. Do you have feelings for me?
  • The Queen has been there for me, in a way. Every night I cry myself to sleep on a pillow with her face stitched in it. – Yes Oh dear… No Good! For some reason, now everyone in the courtroom is crying.
  • Queen’s courage inspires me to crush even more usurpers beneath my bootheels!
  • People keep telling me women can be funny, but… he shakes his head.
  • You consider . He takes everything quite seriously. – Yes Him! No Who else? Yes: You hide his favorite scroll and watch him search for it. Mildly entertaining.
  • [doctor] has an unpredictable sense of humor… Yes Her! No Who else? Yes: You put a wax hand in her soup, but she only likes it more that way.
  • The dog’s tail begins to wag at the sight of the clock, and he bounds off towards the garden maze! – Yes Follow No Never mind Yes When you enter the maze, there’s no more sign of the dog!
  • The royal cow moos sagely and jingles her bell in the direction of the garden…
  • OhI I would love to duel again. It’s just not a good time, see? I really would, but I just don’t want to hurt you. – Yes Urr, urr! No Lucky for me I don’t think it’s “urr”
  • Scratch ear, me said! she hisses, flicking her tail.
  • We can talk? It’s magic! By your hand I was freed from the hunter’s trap, kind Queen. Any favor that I may grant you, ask.
  • Ah, a mysterious bone! It looks like an angel’s… surely I can use a little bit of this in my experiments. Thanks! – No problem No Weirdo
  • You follow the royal cow’s pointing nose until you find yourself in the garden maze!
  • Your famous reign comes to a natural end. History marks you a great ruler, one who defied boundaries yet still was loved.
  • Your suffering is at last at an end. The best possible heroine, who made the best possible choices… is you. The Crown of the All-Mother has been with you all along… it’s the story of your greatness.
  • …for the most powerful, the most good, the most pure… …must always be you…
  • Those you leave behind will be fine. Forget them. That’s all there is. Do you feel doubts, child? You must not fight me…
  • Wrong! Next time you disrespect me, you best come prepared! Ah… I feel… so strange…
  • Oops! It looks like there’s a problem with your Mother entertainment experience. Please wait while we find your profile. One wonderful thing about game design is that it can be used to build research environments that subjects find entertaining. The decisions you make in a fun game can say a lot about the kinds of material and social aspirations you have. t you within minutes. Gamified research environments allow us a unique opportunity to study user attitudes to violence. Users who committed fictional violence were more likely to invest in skincare innovations. Unfortunately REIGNS: HER MAJESTY is not designed to allow you to challenge the All-Mother. We encourage you to be satisfied with the ending we designed. We’re sorry, but we are unable to restore your player profile. Challenging the bounds of our reality may cause it to be unstable. For maximum user satisfaction, we advise you to respect our parameters in future.
  • We’re fetching your data profile so far and restoring you to your empowering entertainment experience! Please be patient. Products can meet your needs by studying your fantasies. Reigns: Her Majesty is a product that allows consumers to express their social ideals to advertisers! This product has been targeted at users age 8 to 100 who indicated a preference for strong female characters, with improved purchasing power. Great! Here are your results. You are a Slytherin introvert whose iconic decade was the 1990s. Your best match is Gemini. ‘Desire to Be a Queen’ is one of the top five predictors of high end luxury vehicle purchases during this administration. We source quality data from user behavior inside our apps. Best of all, users aren’t aware of our studies! Your violent capitalist index is 36. This means you are Slightly More likely to buy products tagged “Nostalgia” or “Toons.” Entertainment apps make ideal research environments. The user is able to be her most instinctive self. 72 percent of mobile game users over 30 are reported Highly Likely to buy action figures. To thank you for your participation, we’ve emailed you a voucher for 20 percent off STEM education for girls ages 2 to 4! Reigns: Her Majesty is not a substitute for any therapeutic service. 30 percent of our users indicated a high sensitivity to entertainment discourse.
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